Holiday Inn YangShuo, GuiLin

  • Size:20000sqm
  • Location: YangShuo
  • Completion: 2019
  • Service: Interior Design, Signage Design, FFE Design

This Holiday Inn Hotel is located in the beautiful Ubud town of Yangshuo. with the iconic lofty mountain view in sight. With the town name like the famous Bali district Ubud, hence the client desire of a Balinese style hotel resort.
SL+A Hotels design team turned this into reality with drawing endless inspiration from the richness of Ubud Yangshuo’s nature. The openness of the architecture allowed for the view of the iconic lofty mountains for their guests.
The entrance to the hotel lobby features shallow pools to both sides of the main entrance.
Trekking along, the outdoor lobby lounge area have booths surrounded by water for relaxation and social gathering. When night falls technology replaces the views with entertaining sights and sounds.
The entire 2nd floor is a family floor with a large outdoor terrace provides children with recreational activities. the corridor and outdoor children’s area area provide also includes high-tech wall and floor touch screens for kinetics and acuteness activities.
The spacious All Day Dining has well laid out indoor dining arrangement with conventional seating and a trendy communal dining area. The mood and the ambience come to life with the custom designed decorative lamps inspired by local features. Needless to say, the outdoor dining terrace has the backdrop canvas of the fauna of Ubud.
In the guest room, SL+A kept to simple and clean colors. Taking the inspiration from the veins of leaves, we design a bespoke guest room carpet. Not the norm but welcoming features like a hanging chair in the room for guests to relax at an elevated level to still appreciate the outdoor scenery and inspired by the mountain caves, a cave-like shower stall further enhances the nature experience indoors.