Artyzen Habitat QianTan, Shanghai

  • Size:19000sqm
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Completion: In Progress
  • Service: Interior Design, FFE Design

To include all these ideas and requirements into one property, it must be very functional and unique. We are always thinking the possibility to create a hotel lobby that without a boundaries for exterior and interior which welcome all visitors full feel comfort in and out to enjoy these public space. Here is what we create:
Entrance, There is no luxury canopy but very decent and decorate with elegant hotel signage. We prefer the hotel keeps low key and involve into the whole district.
Reception area, eclectic soul of the local community heritage. We have create a huge MOSS wall with QianTan map as the back drop of the reception counter which recreated by an ancient shanghai textile machine. We would deliver the sincere welcoming and true hospitality to all guests.
We create a greenhouse arrival experience for visitors and enjoy and share.
“Love the space you live”. The space can be work, play, rest and socialize. Cultivating a livable home away from home.
“Meet the company you love”. Therefore we create The Town square, Bistro, CAFÉ and POP-UP retail. The place for social, dinning, community space. In the DAY TIME, The Bistro and CAFÉ are the F&B to provide your local ‘GRAB & GO” CAFÉ. When the sky get dark, the local specialty BISTRO is good place for casual dining. During the late evening, they will transform to your local bar.
To allow our guest could enjoy working in the midst of play. We create the multi-use workshop and studio plus where we called “CO_HABIT”. A place for co-working, meetings or as an small office.