Thistle Hotel

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

  • Size: 22,000 sq.m.
  • Location: Johor, Bahru
  • Completion: 2009
  • Service: Interior Design & Design Management

Like the proverbial phoenix rising majestically from the ashes, the Thistle’s refurbishment has successfully transformed it from a hotel with a dated design aesthetic into one of Johor’s most iconic and desirable destinations. Rather than downplaying the hotel’s imposing colonial architecture, the design emphasised such elements as the void, so that the resulting volume creates a tangible feeling of infinity and prestige. Throughout the hotel, elegant, quality finishing and warm colour tones impress upon guests the indelible sense of having just experienced true luxe. A rich copper finish, with materials chosen specifically for their reliability, pragmatism and capacity to convey permanence, is timelessly charming, but simultaneously welcoming and familiar. No dedicated follower of fashions and fads, this is a hotel that’s built to endure.