ASCOTT Service Apartment, Wuxi


  • Size: 25000SQM
  • Completion: 2015
  • Service: Interior Design, Art & Accessory, Signage,

Ascott The Residence Wuxi is managed by The Ascott Limited and it is their Exclusive Global Living brand promising ‘prestige’, ‘elegance’ and ‘unmatched personal service’.   Ascott Residences Wuxi is pursuing sustainability in their design, build and operations and SL+A is proud to provide this project with sustainable consultancy services to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Part of its history were ancient academies/libraries are still well preserved and utilized by the locals.  As Wuxi has since evolved into a modern city, we are instilling these ancient ideas and stylized them into our proposed concept – ‘Taihu Lake – Water – Ripples’.  The entrance glass canopy graphic is a romanticized topography of Wuxi.

The decorative panels as well as the backing at the bookshelves are inspired by pattern derived from the ancient word of fortune. The column adjacent to the lounge area is being clad with sculptural mesh like fishing net lit by lighting above and below.

A special commission of artwork was a request from the client to incorporate an element of fortune facing the entrance.  A grand stylize art piece at the end wall adjacent to the lift lobby in ancient word of ‘fortune’ using tin lacquer.

The colour tones proposed for this luxurious property is set on rich earth tones with hues of blues and greens and letting the space tell its rich story.