Artyzen Habitat, Shanghai Mix-C

  • Size: 18,000sqm
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Completion: 2018
  • Service: Design Development, FFE Design, PM

Artyzen-Habitat. A unique hospitality brand which design dedicated for New breed of dynamic and savvy travellers. Urbanites, corporate warriors, mobile entrepreneurs. Who constantly on-the-go, always connected, delighted in new discoveries and integrated work and life mix.
To bring this possibility come true, there are few elements are extremely essential.
Different facilities/components are introduced that work synergistically to create the creative ecosystem.
Consider tapping local brands that have already or are starting to build up a strong following and street credibility; and offer unique local content. This is will draw in locals, which will be a source of revenue and also provide the real/authentic experience/interaction for guests.
To enrich the creative ecosystem, we propose and additional layer of activity and excitement by introducing events and temporary/short term usage in-line with overall concept.